Pathway To Your Profitable Practice
Where Excellence & Expertise - Drive Passion & Profits
- Dr. Jeanette Kern DDS
The Path to Your Profitable Practice
Stop spinning your wheels and falling short of your goals!

Start growing your business strategically with clarity, confidence and a plan!

Let Dr. Kern guide you through her proven steps for creating a plan that produces REAL RESULTS!!!
•    Reduce Overwhelm
•    Save time and money by working smarter and not harder
•    Build a rock star team that supports You!
•    Brand and market for results
•    6 powerful modules that walk you through the steps to creating YOUR dream Practice!

Path to Your Profitable Practice System
Six Module Training, Videos, Worksheets, Scripts and Transcripts
Lifetime Access to the Path to Your Profitable Practice
With Complete Updates
INCREDIBLE BONUSES To Support Your Success
These incredible bonuses will really help you grow your practice
"Welcome to... What’s possible for you! It gives me such a sense of joy to welcome you to the Profitable Dental Academy. Together, we will be embarking on a path that is designed to forever shift the way you see and grow your practice and quality of life. It is my desire that you will look back on this course as a turning point in your continuing education as a business owner—no matter where you are on your path.

Through the sharing of my knowledge and experience, you will gain strategies, courage, and confidence to reach for new levels of possibilities for your life and practice.

Let’s begin The Path to Your Profitable Practice and start the Journey together!"
Dr. Jeanette Kern DDS
What You'll Learn In The Program Modules
Module 1: Vision
Learn the power of having a Vision for your business and your life. When you achieve Success you’ll recognize it.
How to shorten your learning curve and help you achieve a well strategized and profitable practice as soon as possible.
Dentist versus Entrepreneur. Learn how to get connected to your values and design your Vision. Develop a foundation from which you choose how to balance your personal and professional life.
Step by step on the Vision crafting process and attracting the life you want. Learn how to Conquer your Inner Critic. When your vision and principles are aligned you set yourself on the path to success.
Module 2: Leadership
Be the Queen of your kingdom leading from a sense of security and knowing. Competency builds confidence. Communicate with purpose and style.
Define and develop your skills as the Leader. Qualities and skill set needed to lead your team.
Understand that Mindset and your communication style are instrumental in creating your success.
Introduction to Personality Assessment Style profile testing as an indispensable tool. Learn what your style is as a Leader. As the CEO learn how to set your goals.
Module 3: Team Dynamics
Create the rock star team that supports and carries out your vision. How to find, nurture and empower employees that have an owner mentality.
Five techniques for hiring the best employees.
Utilize Personality Assessment Style in candidate selection, developing job descriptions and for employee performance reviews. Employee manuals and human resource specialists are crucial to legal compliance.
The leader fosters the culture and trains for success through meetings with her team.
Module 4: Business Systems
The foundation and scaffolding from which to build the success of your practice. Numbers don’t lie and from them we develop strategies to win.
The success of your practice is in direct proportion to the success of your systems. Key systems are your effective Perfect Day Scheduling, reduction of cancellations and no shows, and coordination with your hygiene department. Decrease stress, financial strain and staff turmoil through procedures, protocols, and policies. Learn how to manage the business of dentistry through systems and statistics.
Get control of your schedule. Strategies for doctor to stay on time.  Prevent cancellations and create value for your time.
From first contact to checkout, control the variables to create an outstanding first impression and new patient visit.
Four ways your hygienist contributes to the Practice. What production percentages should you expect from your hygiene dept? Scripts and handoff between doctor and hygienist to create effective communication. Your philosophy and support empower your hygienist.
Review your scorecard with the team. Whatever you track seems to improve. Tracking your statistics assists you in decision making for course correction.
Module 5: New Patient Experience
From the first call-- step by step through the dental visit to the handwritten Welcome note card—how to exceed expectations.
Exceed expectations and develop relationship with your patients. Create a unique, authentic and caring dental experience that patients will talk about. Utilize DiSC to communicate with patients.
Spa Amenities and great customer service. Control the variables and dramatically increase your odds of success. How do perceptions play a role in how your patients feel?
Believable, Likable, and Trustworthy. Create an environment and experience where the patient feels better about themselves when they are in your presence. Inform, explain, and do what you say you are going to do to build trust.
Module 6: Marketing
What is it and how can a dentist utilize marketing to build her practice? See examples of internal and external marketing ideas and learn what you can do in your own office to stand out from the crowd.
Marketing 101 Introduction to marketing terminology. We will cover Branding, Unique Selling Appeal, taglines and elevator speeches. You will learn strategic planning using target markets, public relations and internal practice promotion.
Learn how to use Internal marketing methods such as Reverse Pull Marketing within your Practice. When to advertise, the mindset you will need, investment and budget considerations and how to develop an external marketing campaign.
Dr. Sarah Winter
"Jeanette has been a pivotal person in my career since I met her three years ago. "

Today I just bought my second practice on my own here in La Jolla, and Jeanette really helped guide me and coach me and mentored me and hold me through this whole process.
Plus you'll get these
Bonus #1: Defining Your Vision with Dream Life
Defining Your Vision with Dream Life  ($997 Value) with Master Results Coach Cindi Webb
Bonus #2: Informed Consent for Smile Designs
Custom Smile Design Consent Booklet ($3500 Value) and Simplified Dental Informed Consent Form.
Bonus #3: Team System Packet
Team System Packet ($597 Value) including New Hire Welcome Letter, Daily/Weekly Tasks for your Admin. Team, AM Huddle prep sheet and format and more
Bonus #4: Hygiene Department Time Management
Hygiene Department Time Management ($497 Value) also includes Letter campaign, Insurance Appeals for Therapy, Patient Therapy Handout, Post therapy Instructions, Script for Hand Off to Doctor
Bonus #5: Business Systems and Policies
Business Systems and Policies ($797 Value) including Financial policy, billing Insurance protocol, New Patient Phone Intake form, Medical Correspondence Letter
Bonus #6: Patient Education and Post Op Handouts
Patient Education and Post Op Handouts ($797 Value) for your Patients including Crown/Bridge, Composites, Veneers, Cracked Tooth Syndrome, Silver versus Composite fillings, and more
Enroll Now for Only
$1,997 or 5 Payments of $597
Dr. Radhee Sheth
"You want someone like Dr. Kern to be around you. "

If you want clarity, if you want someone to not spoon feed it to you, but make a pathway out for you, create a system and understand who you are as a person and mold you into the person you want to become, then that someone is Dr. Kern.
Dr. Brittany Semones
"One of the best things that I really enjoyed about Jeanette is that she motivates me and she uplifts me."

She makes me feel as if I am a capable leader and she helps me problem solve and find the answers to the questions that I have.
Let's Recap on Everything You'll Get:
* You’ll receive an email with your log-in and INSTANT access to the easy to use, online course including:
  • Path to Your Profitable Practice System ($4,997 Value) Six Module Training, Videos, Worksheets, Scripts and Transcripts.
  • Lifetime Access to Path to Your Profitable Practice System with updates ($3,997 Value)
  • Once a month live group calls: We'll jump on these live calls and answer all the questions you have. (Priceless)
  • Bonus #1: Defining Your Vision with Dream Life with Master Results Coach Cindi Webb ($997 Value)
  • Bonus #2: Custom Smile Design Consent Booklet and Simplified Dental Informed Consent Form ($3,500 Value)
  • Bonus #3: Team System packet including New Hire Welcome Letter, Daily/Weekly Tasks for your Admin. Team, AM Huddle prep sheet and format and more ($597 Value)
  • Bonus #4:  Hygiene Department Time Management, Letter campaign, Insurance Appeals for Therapy, Patient Therapy, Handout, Post therapy Instructions, Script for Hand Off to Doctor  (valued over $497)
  • Bonus #5:  Business Systems and Policies including Financial policy, billing Insurance protocol, New Patient Phone Intake form, Medical Correspondence Letter (valued over $797)
  • Bonus #6:  Patient Education and Post Op Handouts for your Patients including Crown/Bridge, Composites, Veneers, Cracked Tooth Syndrome, Silver versus Composite fillings, and more (valued $797)
It’s something that a lot of athletes are looking towards as another step in their journey to improving their fitness and having fun.
Scott Panchik
CrossFit Mentality, 5-time individual CrossFit Games veteran
Awesome event…extremely well organized, athletes are taken care of and good events that leave the athletes motivated to train hard rather than wrecked.
CJ Martin
Owner of CrossFit Invictus
Total Value over $20,000, Yours For Only
$1,997 or 5 Payments of $597
Backed By Our Promise To You...
60 Days Satisfaction Guarantee
“As ​a​​​ Dentist who started my own business ​by investing in training programs, I know it's important to be mindful of every ​dollar spent.​ That's why I am committed to you achieving results with Path to Your Profitable Practice and why it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. ​ ​If you do the course work and honestly feel you didn't get any value from the experience, please write us within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.”

- Jeanette Kern DDS
Frequently Asked Questions With Answers from Jeanette
You have access to all the modules immediately upon joining and they are available to watch and/or listen to by downloading the mp3 and listening on your portable media player. We recommend viewing in order but if you have a need to access a specific module then go for it.

There are recorded Q & A modules for each lesson. If you have a specific question on a module you can ask on our once a month Accelerator Calls.
We will email you the monthly Accelerator call info at the beginning of each month so you can make the time available.
If you can not make it live we will provide an email address to email your question by the Friday before the call at 5:00PM PST. I will then answer as many questions live on each call as possible. If I do not get to your question I will respond by email.
What if I can't make the call? The calls will be recorded and in the members area within 48-hours provided we have no hiccups.

No pressure, No rush.  The entire course is waiting for you online – RIGHT NOW.

That means that all of the modules, training videos, and templates will be accessible the minute you log in to your members area.

There is a “LIVE” component to the training – These are the once-a-month Accelerator calls. All calls are recorded and you can submit your questions ahead of time.
Trust me, having been a very successful dentist in private practice for 20+ years I had to make the time to learn how to run my business at the same time being a dentist. This also included a husband and two growing children.
The beauty of the program is that I've created it in a systematic order than will allow you to focus on the things that are necessary and removed the guesswork of figuring it out.
I have removed the challenges of going through the minutia and only included what I know makes a difference. None of this is theory from some marketing company!
So the cold, hard truth is… you DO have time. Everyone has the same amount of time. And the ONE thing you MUST do is make time for your business. The easiest way to do this is a system that gets you truly KNOWN as an expert in your marketplace, accelerates your authority, and results in profitable sales into your business with patients you truly enjoy.
And the program includes online training, LIVE coaching calls with me and lots of incredible resources like templates, contracts and more to support your dental practice.
And if you redirect even just a couple of hours each week instead of trying to “figure it out,” or investing in marketing activities that aren’t paying off for your business (#SocialMediaTimeSuck), you will have more time to go "All In" with what you are learning in Pathway to Your Profitable Practice™.
Meet CEO and Founder of Profitable Dental Academy
Dr. Jeanette Kern DDS
My name is Dr. Jeanette Kern and I’m here to help you go from Stuck to Unstoppable.

I recently sold my dental practice for over 7 figures in a small coastal town in Northern California at the top of my game.

Everything I am going to share with you is an accumulation of 40-years of dental practice, thousands of hours of CE, years as a Clinical Associate professor at UCLA and USC, and of tens of thousands of dollars and time in learning.

Working with many of my coaching clients, I have been able to help them go from being stressed out owners to Profitable Leaders and Entrepreneurs
This incredible sale is expiring very soon.
Hope to see you on the inside!
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