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From: Jeannette Kern DDS

RE: Growing Your Dental Practice without Stress & Frustration!
Dear fellow dental practitioner,

Owning a private practice can be extremely overwhelming and paralyzing with all the "Moving Parts", 
and people that are involved in it... 

It can become almost IMPOSSIBLE to think straight or even get a goodnight's sleep!!
*Honestly, I personally struggled with this...*

The worst part of it, is that when you can't think straight, it's very easy to become distracted, 
and not be focused on what is actually important! 
When you ARE focused, you can think crystal clear, be a stronger leader, and have MORE efficiency
 in your practice, which can help you increase your profit-margins! 

Lacking focus and having distractions can effect your overall Profit-Growth, Office & Team Efficiency,
and over-all Patient Satisfaction, which will potentially overwhelm you even more, and then it's 
a non-stop cycle that never ends...

But believe it or not, it's fairly easy to get around all of this...

All of these distractions hold you back from achieving "The Bigger Picture", which for most people, 
is pretty simple:

Have more time!
Have more money!

And have more freedom, to spend and ENJOY that time and money! 

When you become unfocused, you can make bad decisions that can cause your practice to go 
spiraling out of control... 

Next thing you know, you have to spend the TIME & money to fix those problems, just to get back 
to where you started, and even then, you haven't even moved the needle an inch! 

But there's a simple way of stopping these types of issues when they happen, and/or 
preventing them from even happening in the first place...
The key is to have a mentor who has been in your position before.

Someone who has learned from their mistakes, trials and tribulations of the industry! 

After selling my practice for over 7-Figures, I learned a lot about what it takes when it comes to
steering-clear of & managing problems, in order for a practice to succeed! 
They say that "You learn from your mistakes", but the thing is, they DON'T have to be YOUR mistakes, 
they can be someone else's! 

That's exactly why I've created this opportunity...

I'm clearing some time in my schedule to have a small amount of 1-on-1 strategy sessions, 
to see if I can help you get some of your most pressing concerns and questions answered! 

That way, I can help YOU get YOUR practice "working for you", and not the other way around! 
If this opportunity sounds valuable to you, then just keep reading!...

All you need to do is click the button below and there you can personally 
choose a time that works for both of us! 

There's a few questions along with the form, and the reason for that is so I can have a
 "Higher Understanding" of what your current situation is like. 

That way, I can be well prepared for our call and I can deliver the most amount value in the
shortest amount of time! 

So if this opportunity sounds interesting to you, click the button below, choose a time that's convenient for both of us and we'll talk soon! 
P.S. Due to my currently busy schedule, this opportunity will only be available to the first few people who are able to book their calls! 

On Your Breakthrough Strategy Call 
we'll work one-on-one with you to...
Discuss your most challenging issues in your practice currently or maybe you're looking to purchase your first or even second practice and have some questions and concerns.

We can discuss things like:

Your Vision and where you want to take your practice!

Problems with employees or best hiring practices

Implementing business systems and procedures

New patient experience 

Insurance challenges and billing


or any other challenge you maybe experiencing....

What other Successful Students are saying...
Jeanette has been a pivotal person in my career since I met her three years ago. Today I just bought my second practice on my own here in La Jolla, and Jeanette really helped guide me and coach me and mentored me and hold me through this whole process. 
Dr. Sarah Winter
"One of the best things that I really enjoyed about Jeanette is that she motivates me and she uplifts me and she makes me feel as if I am a capable leader and she helps me problem solve and find the answers to the questions that I have."

Dr. Brittany Semones
I look forward to guiding you to a life filled with fun, happiness, a successful and rewarding practice and most importantly freedom! 

After all, don't you want your practice working for YOU,  instead of YOU working for your practice? 

Because there's a very, very big difference...and I'm sure you know why!

Reserve your spot now by clicking on the orange button above and then apply (a few question survey) to get on a call with myself and get some answers on things that you're struggling with in your practice. 

We'll plot a PATH to Your Profitable Practice!

Profitably yours,
Jeannette Kern, DDS
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