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The Path to Your Profitable Practice
I founded the Profitable Dental Academy to guide female dentists who own a practice and are struggling with stress, overwhelm and profitability issues. My purpose is to be a sounding board and a source of information and guidance. 

As a successful dentist I want to share three key principles of a successful practice that they don’t teach you in dental school. They are having 1) clear vision, 2) being a transformational leader and 3) implementing solid business systems.

I do this through my online group coaching program that assists dental practice owners in creating a profitable business. The course includes six modules with once a month live Q & A sessions. We work together with proven steps for creating a plan that produces REAL RESULTS.

I also have a one-on-one program for those desiring even more guidance in building their practice. Maybe they want to get it ready for an acquisition or maybe they're looking for funding to buy another practice and want to make sure everything is in alignment.

Regardless, here is what I love about working with fellow dentists:

* Sharing years of what works and what doesn't so your journey will be less stressful and scary.

* Sharing the enjoyment of dentistry with you.

* Helping you understand what the numbers mean so you can analyze and strategize to create a more fulfilling and profitable business.

* Celebrating YOUR wins—whether it is hiring the right candidate, seeing production improve, or handling prickly employment issues.

* Inspiring you to take a CE class, buy another practice, or purchase a building.

* Most of all, I love holding your vision, providing encouragement, and giving you permission—to dream, go for it, trust your intuition, and believe in what’s possible.

I love working with:

Individuals who are committed to working hard to get results, and willing to shift their mindset. 

My ideal clients are ready to play full out, open to trying different tactics and ready to take responsibility for their action. 

They participate, do the homework, and ask questions until they understand the process. They are willing to dedicate the time to do the work, have a sense of humor and trust me to guide them on their journey.                                                                                                                 

Jeanette Kern, DDS
Dr. Kern graduated at the top of her class from the School of Dentistry at UCLA and went on to teach other dentists at UCLA from 1989-1995. She is recognized as an expert in aesthetic and general dentistry and has trained with world renowned dental instructors at the prestigious Rosenthal Institute in New York and the acclaimed Pacific Aesthetic Continuum at the University of the Pacific with Dr. David Hornbrook. Prior to becoming a dentist, Dr. Kern worked for 10-years as a dental hygienist and taught Hygiene at UCLA and USC. 

She left the Los Angeles metro area in 1995 when she and her young family moved up the coast to Monterey. She bought her practice for less than $100,000 and turned it into a fee-for-service juggernaut which she sold in 2018 for well over $1 million. 

She is now traveling the world with her husband Kevin and helping dentists grow their practices, something she loves doing!
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