Are you ready to grow your practice without stress and overwhelm?
"Three Tweaks to Grow Your Dental Practice to 7-Figures and Beyond!"
Get the Dental Practice of Your Dreams!

You Know...The One You Imagined in School,
 Before You Had to Herd Cats, Juggle Fire, and Stand on Your Head to Get Noticed.
Do You Lack Vision for Yourself and Your Practice?
     Do you have a vision for yourself and your practice?
     Are you on overload? 
     Are you spinning your wheels?
     Do you feel like too many times you just don't have enough time, that you just want to do or should do more? 
     How big do you want your dream practice to be? 
What Type Of Leader Are You?
     In what ways are you accepting less than what you truly want? 
     Are you beginning each day with only a vague idea of what is needed to get through the day and you're only 
     going through the motions every day, every month, or every year? 
     Are you expecting your team to actually know and be on the same page with you? 
     How do you lead when you just wish you could do dentistry?
How Good is Your Staff?
     How do you go about setting up expectations and accountability? 
     What makes an employee high maintenance?
     Do you have regular communication with your staff as a team and individually?
Do You Have Business Building Systems in Place?
     Do you operate as a dentist or an entrepreneur? 
     Do you have systems, protocols, procedures and policies in place?
     Can your staff operate while your on vacation or even sick without calling every 5 minutes?
Are Your Patients True Raving Fans?
     How do you create raving fans and how do you get that to transfer to referrals? 
     Do you create an experience for your patients or are you another provider they can't stand to see?
     Does your office promote BLT? (No, not the sandwich...) You'll just have to ask me 😉 
Does Your Marketing Set You Apart ?
     How do you go about building your brand? 
     What makes you different or unique?
     Do you use PR in your local community to build your brand?
Stop spinning your wheels and falling short of your goals!
Start growing your business strategically with clarity, confidence, and a plan!



Watch this video training now to learn the steps to a profitable, stress free practice...
  • Reduce Overwhelm! 
  •  Save time & money by working smarter and not harder!
  •  Build a rock star team that supports you!
  •  Brand & Market for results!



Schedule your no-obligation, 30-Minute Laser Focused Strategy Call with Me.

I will layout a blueprint to get you where you are to where you want to be. Getting you from stuck to unstoppable!!!
  • Vision & Practice Review
  • Deep Dive: We'll look at your goals and what's holding you back from achieving them
  • We'll outline a plan that will get you where you want to go and how the Dental Academy Coaching Program can get you there!



Implement the Profitable Dental Academy Blueprint with my help.

You will work with me either in my group or one-on-one coaching program to transform you and your practice.

The goal is to have YOUR PRACTICE working for you and not you working for your practice!
  • Invest in your business: Either one payment or my monthly payment plan. 
  • Join our community of like minded dental practitioners who are on the same journey as you. I add to the discussions with coaching, motivation and valuable tips.
  •  Begin the modulated training progam and join the once a month LIVE Q & A training calls.
Dr. Sarah Winter
La Jolla, California
Dr. Radhee Sheth
Bristol, Connecticut 
Dr. Brittany Semones
Greensboro, No. Carolina 
Meet Dr. Kern
My name is Dr. Jeanette Kern and I’m here to help you go from Stuck to Unstoppable.

I recently sold my dental practice for over 7 figures in a small coastal town in Northern California at the top of my game.

Everything I am going to share with you is an accumulation of 40-years of dental practice, thousands of hours of CE, years as a Clinical Associate professor at UCLA and USC, and of tens of thousands of dollars and time in learning.

Working with many of my coaching clients, I have been able to help them go from being stressed out owners to Profitable Leaders and Entrepreneurs
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